6/4/21 Hey all, it’s been a while since I updated on here and I just wanted to let you all know things are going really well for us as a group and we’ve had a string of really great shows.  The hard part has been promoting these shows as COVID has kept the attendance numbers down, but it looks like things are starting to open up a bit and we are hoping that we will be on some outdoor stages and can allow in bunch more people.  But we all have been hard at work throughout this time and have a ton of new material if you haven’t seen us recently.  We just had a great show at Iron Smoke, other than the fact there was no Chuck.  We were full acoustic at this one and debuted a couple songs and were polishing up some older ones, overall it was a great experience with a great crowd.  

Now that things are getting a bit back to normal hopefully we can post on here and let you all know what we are up to, we also hope to have some new videos and audio content in the near future, so check back and see what brewing.  See you all at the next show!

-   Chris

Adrianna Noone:
Original Music
Based in Rochester, NY
Founded in 2019
Genre:  #Indie #Pop
Blue Devil
(And That's Called) Heartbreak
Baltimore (FULL)
I'm Your Man (FULL)
New York (FULL)
VIDEO  See more
Adrianna Noone– Vocals/Keys/Guit
Jeremy Grace - Guitar / Vocals
Chris Gauvin - Bass
Chuck Salvaggio - Drums

Formed in late 2019, Adrianna Noone is an independent group that plays a range of original music with a mix of covers in a vocal forward modern style that blends jazz, pop, blues and folk influences. This comes together to make one sound that is uniquely them. 
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